September Church Tech Spotlight

Some of you will probably look at this and say, “I don’t care a thing about church technology!” This might be the case, but I am going to try and highlight some technology/websites/gadgets/gear/etc. that may be helpful to anyone that is looking for some help in the technology department.

This month I wanted to highlight the online graphic design website we use as a staff to create all of our graphic media.


Click HERE to go to the Canva website

Canva is an incredibly versatile graphic design website that is intuitive to use, free to use, and is full of great design ideas. We use it for graphics such as ministry logos, invitations, event graphics, sermon slides, and a whole host of other graphics.

The awesome thing about Canva is it comes packed with preset image sizes for the most common images you will be creating. Graphics for Facebook, instagram, postcards, presentation slides and others are preset and easily loaded. It also comes with a host of free images, illustrations, and icons you can add to your project. If you see an image that isn’t free that you want to use in your project, you will pay $1 for a one time use fee. This fee allows you to edit and download your project as many times as you want in a 24-hour period and then it the paid image is no longer available to you. You can also pay a $8-10 fee and have that image to use for any project without any time frame.

You can sign up for a paid Canva at Work subscription, but for most people, you won’t need that. The biggest plus to moving to the paid side of canvas is the 1000s of images that the paid side unlocks for you and the ability to add people to your account and share  images with the to edit together.

I can’t recommend canvas highly enough. It has taken the burden off of one person at church creating all of the graphics with a program like Adobe Illustrator.

Here is a slideshare slideshow that Canva put together to help you get started


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