Be the Tech Guy

So my kids love Thursday/Friday mornings. We have “Donuts with Dad” day once a week. We get up a little early, get ready for school, and head over to Dunkin Donuts for the boys to get a donut of their choice and for dad to get a large coffee. We sit in Dunkin and have interesting conversations.

This morning our conversation turned to the helper jobs that kids in Henry’s class have. (Note: I didn’t even know that the kids in Henry’s class had permanent jobs they do each week in class that even have job descriptions) Henry was discussing the snack time helpers when I asked him, “What’s your job?” He got a big grin on his face and exclaimed, “I’m the tech guy!” What a loaded exclamation for my son to lay on me so early in the morning. Let me explain why it’s so loaded…

  1. Being the Tech Guy is and interesting position– People think you know everything about tech, but what you really know how to do is use Google to do a quick search on how others have solved the same problem. It is an unenviable position to be in. God has equipped me to serve in this area, in addition to Student Ministry.
  2. My son is trusted to help others with technology– My son is trusted by his teacher to help other students understand technology and use it more proficiently. Henry is a leader in his classroom whether he realizes it or not. He told me, “I teach and help people know how to use tech better.” He is living out a Matthew 20:25-28 kind of leadership. It makes this dad’s heart glad.
  3. It has become a Barrineau family tradition– So, many of you know me. You know that I love technology. I especially love to integrate technology into the church and help further the Great Commission using technology. I am the “unofficial” tech/IT guy at church. I just say unofficial because you won’t see that particular job anywhere on my official job description, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t one of my jobs. Henry knows that daddy is constantly hip-deep in the technology ministry at FBC Enterprise. He has soaked up the things that he has seen me do with technology and feels equipped to use the things he has learned from me to help his classmates.
  4. Henry is watching me– This is probably the most important point of the 4 and is an offshoot of point #3. Henry knows that I am the tech guy at church. He knows that I enjoy (disclaimer: I enjoy it most of the time, but like anything I have to find joy in difficulty) connecting technology and the church. He knows what daddy is good at. He knows that God has gifted me to have knowledge in an area that can bring honor and glory to God, both through technology and through my service in that area in God’s name. He has seen me serve with technology in the church his whole life and Henry wants to be like me.

I couldn’t be prouder that my son has thought enough of what I am doing day in and day out in the church to want to serve in that way in his classroom. I am glad that my son sees his work as worship (see Colossian 3:23) I am glad that I have given him a good example to follow.

Parents, your children are watching you.

They watch what you value.

They watch to see what you have been created to do and what you find joy in.

They desire to emulate you in your work and life.

What are you teaching your kids to value with what they see from you in your everyday life?

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