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This morning I am sitting in my recliner drinking a cup of coffee while I am reading my devotion and getting some bible study time in before my boys wake up. This morning is like 1000 other mornings I have had in my life except for one thing, it’s September 11th. I still remember what I was doing on that morning. I was sitting in my recliner in my dorm room at Clemson University drinking a cup of coffee and doing my quiet time with God. My roommate liked to sleep with the TV on, which was beyond annoying for me. The night before he decided to leave it one on of the major networks so when I woke up that morning it was their morning news show that was on TV while I was getting ready. I still remember watching the planes fly into the first tower and then as I kept watching I watched the second plane crash into the other tower live. Those images and emotions will forever be seared into my brain.

I remember those days not because I have some burning desire all these years later for revenge or because I have some personal connection to that day. No, I remember that morning because it has shaped the world that I have been an adult in. Being in student ministry, I have students that were born after the September 11th attacks. I have students that don’t remember the days before that, but my adult life has been shaped by that morning.

I remember the confusion and emotional anguish as people tried to process what was happening. One thing that stands out in my mind is a desire for people to seek answers in this tragedy. Many people pointed others towards God to find answers in the confusion and emotions of that day. As I think back on that morning, I remember what happened, but there is a beautiful application to this is what God calls us to do.

We are told to “remember” Christ through the Lord’s Supper in 1 Corinthians 11:24. Just as we remember 9/11 and how it shaped our lives 17 years ago, let us also remember what Christ did for us on the cross and allow that to shape our lives each and every day as well.

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