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So, I have an admission to make. My close family knows this about me already, but I am reticent to tell others about my sketchy past. You ready for it comes. I liked to read encyclopedias as a kid. I read them all the time. I even read them when I was in the... Continue Reading →

The Struggle Bus

Have you ever woken up and had a hard time getting going? Has the day seemed to go from bad to worse? Every interaction you have seems to struggle? The Struggle Bus is real. It's a bus that all of us get on from time to time. Some of us may feel like we have... Continue Reading →

Just Do It

I woke up this morning to more controversy on social media. This week it's all about Colin Kaepernick being the face of Nike's 30th anniversary of the Just Do It ad campaign. Now, I'm not here to debate the political side of having Kaep as the face of your ad, but rather I want to... Continue Reading →

Three Little Letters

There are 2 different groups of people that read my blog: those that know me from my current context at FBC Enterprise and friends and family from other locales. For those that aren't from Enterprise, I want to take just a few lines to explain what that context is. Here in Enterprise, we have Fort... Continue Reading →

Why I don’t like running

Today, I wanted to take some time to discuss a personal journey that I am on and to talk about something that I have very strong feelings about. I don't like running. I mean, I really don't like running. I would rather lift the weight of the world than run. This is odd since I... Continue Reading →

Pieces of Leadership

So, I usually have so many ideas floating around in my head that it is a difficult for me to decide what to write, but this week was easy as God has provided me with 2 different situations that led to a great blog post. If you know me then you know I am a... Continue Reading →

Final Countdown

This time of year always makes me start singing Europe's song "Final Countdown". I just had to tell Alexa to play something else because that song is still bouncing around in my head. Graduation time...the final countdown is on. I have been in Student Ministry for 17 years. Most of those years have been in... Continue Reading →

Leaving a Legacy

As many of you have heard this morning, Billy Graham has passed away at 99 years old. If you don't know who Billy Graham is (and yes, I use is here purposefully) I would encourage you to google him and learn more about the greatest evangelist of our time. I am extremely introspective at the... Continue Reading →

Growing up Slower

We use a word in our student ministry- "adulting". It means "the act of a teenager learning how to be an adult by trying to make adult decisions. Sometimes they get it right, but more often that not they do not. I read an interesting article today about this generation and their attempt at "adulting". This... Continue Reading →

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