Family Experiences

Lets start by watching a short  intro video…

What are family experiences? These activities are for you and your student to complete to highlight important milestones of their life while they are a teenager. We want to encourage parents to use these resources to help disciple their student in preparation for sending them out into the world to win others to Christ.

Below you will find everything you need for a Family Experience for each year your student is in Student Ministry. Along with the videos, there are printable resources that includes a Kickstarter, Parent’s Guide, a Developmental Guide, and it’s own unique Resource Materials as listed below.

7th Grade- The Blessing

7th Grade_Parents_Guide

7th Grade_Resource_Materials

7th Grade_Kick_Starter

7th Grade_Development_Guide

8th Grade- Purity Weekend

8th Grade_Parents_Guide

8th Grade_Resource_Materials

8th Grade_Kick_Starter

8th Grade_Development_Guide

9th Grade- Driving Contract

9th Grade_Kick_Starters

9th Grade_Parent’s_Guide

9th Grade_Resource_Materials

9th Grade_Developmental_Guide



10th Grade- Money Matters

10th Grade_Parents_Guide

10th Grade_Resource_Materials

10th Grade_Development_Guide

10the Grade_Kick_Starter


8Principles of Money Certificate

10th Grade_Optional Activities

11th Grade- Family Tree

11th Grade_Parents_Guide

11th Grade_Kick_Starter

11th Grade_Resource_Material

11th Grade_Development_Guide

11th Grade Interview Questions

Family Tree

12th Grade- Manhood/Womanhood Ceremony

12th Grade_Kick_Starter

12th Grade_Parents_Guide

12th Grade_Resource_Materials

12th Grade_Development_Guide


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