That sinking feeling…

We have all had that moment...the moment where our kid asks us a question we weren't expecting and are difficult to answer. They may be a question that is embarrassing (like Sex or sex related topics), they could be deep questions (like why is there evil in the world), or they could be topics you... Continue Reading →

Being Wrong

So I just got back from a Student Ministry conference in Tennessee. This is either our 10th or 11th year going to Conclave. It is always a great time of refreshing and learning for me. My mom usually comes down to Alabama from South Carolina and hangs out with the boys while my wife and... Continue Reading →

Being POTS

Part of the reason I started this blog was to write about the adventure that is parenting teenagers. Being a student pastor I have a unique perspective on this, but I don't have first hand knowledge of raising teens as my boys are 8 and almost 4. We understand that parents are in uncharted territory... Continue Reading →

Growing up Slower

We use a word in our student ministry- "adulting". It means "the act of a teenager learning how to be an adult by trying to make adult decisions. Sometimes they get it right, but more often that not they do not. I read an interesting article today about this generation and their attempt at "adulting". This... Continue Reading →

Parent Ministry

There are some exciting additions to the Parent Ministry side of my site. We now have a Parent Ministry University, Parenting Teen resources, and a section for Family Experiences to help you disciple your student and launch them well into adulthood. Check out all of our new parent ministry content at... Parent Ministry   To... Continue Reading →

September Church Tech Spotlight

Some of you will probably look at this and say, "I don't care a thing about church technology!" This might be the case, but I am going to try and highlight some technology/websites/gadgets/gear/etc. that may be helpful to anyone that is looking for some help in the technology department. This month I wanted to highlight... Continue Reading →

Parent/Teen devotional resource

As a Student Pastor, I get asked all the time for suggestions from devotionals for Parents and Teens to do together. I usually give a variety of suggestions, but most of the suggestions are devotionals that you have to go out and buy. Let's be honest, I know that anytime I tell people that they... Continue Reading →

Know the Culture

I remember Dr. Brad Reynolds, my student ministry professor at SEBTS, telling our class that we needed to recognize, study, and understand the different cultures of the towns and regions of the churches that we served. I have thought back on that over the last 10 years since I graduated from seminary and I don't... Continue Reading →

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